Ladies Hair Trends and Offers

I landed the coolest job ever: designing a photo backdrop for a dress artist to work her magic on!
hairstyle that's short on the sides and longer at the back

Behold, the Mullet! the hairstyle that’s short on the sides and longer at the back

Inspiration from Mary Quant

Brazilian Keratin Blow Dry

usually £195
now from

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alt="peach colour hair"

Susan’s slightly Asymmetrical Fringe brings that extra dimension to her face
Asymmetrical hair cuts and fringes

Mens Hair Trends and Offers

Men's Indie/Mod hairstyle

Stylist Profile of the Month

William yourTop Stylist from Hong-Kong
A freelance hairdresser
at Denny Hairdressing, bringing his unique expertise in ladies and gents Chinese and Oriental hair to our salon.0751 238 4936

Hair colour at denny’s

Hair colour balayage sun-kissed colours throughout the hair. leaving natural colour in between lighter pieces balayage is a low-maintenance, ‘lived-in style’ reverse balayage is for those with ombré who are looking for a more natural, broken-up colour – reverse balayage is all about adding colour back in. ombré melts darker roots into lighter ends. it’s a stronger look than balayage as you pick up every strand of hair and colour the mid-lengths to the ends. highlights you can have chunky hair highlights to baby fine hair highlights. lowlights are used to add definition to your hair, achieving a ‘shadow’ effect. permanent colour slowly fade, a semi-permanent option gives a more natural look

Gents, high quality, precision, classic, modern and creative hair cuts for guys – gents hair colour – natural looking hair colour for men and don’t forget our popular Perms for men link

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A hair consultation is highly recommended if you are considering another hair colour or a complete restyle. We have two colour technicians who will be happy to discuss your options. They can assess your base colour, so they can tell which colours will work for your hair and how to get it to your optimum shade. Everyone’s hair is different – the exact shade, the texture, the length, the condition. Hence, it’s best to consult a professional at Denny Hairdressing first to find out what colours are possible.

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