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How much does ‘Brazilian’ blow dry cost, Normally up £250
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Choose from these options:
Short to above your shoulder-length hair £95

Shoulder-length £105
Just over shoulder length hair £120
Extra long hair £140
there is a £20 surcharge for extra thick hair and Afro-Caribbean hair.
Add a hair cut £10
What about bleached and blonde highlighted hair?
Our Brazilian Blow Dry is especially manufactured for dark blonde to Black hair. Our Brazilian Blow Dry is not for use on light blonde hair or hair with bleached blonde, tinted blonde, highlighted hair or hair with high lift blonde tint, where discolouration may occur because the natural colour of Keratin may cause a yellow-brown cast on blonde hair.

Brazilian Blow Dry is a gentle de-frizzing and smoothing treatment
Brazilian Blow Dry can de-frizz and smooth straight hair or curly hair — without using harsh chemicals.
The results depend on the frizziness of your hair: curls can become smoother and softer with much less frizz, and the worse the condition of your hair, the more remarkably it can be invigorated. The effects last from six weeks up to three months and slowly wash out over time.
Treated hair slowly returns to its natural condition. It is safe to repeat the treatment after about six weeks to get smooth, silky hair again should you wish. YOU MUST USE
A SALT-FREE SHAMPOO AND HAIR CONDITIONER: which is FREE FROM sodium chloride (commonly known as salt — INCLUDING dead sea salt’ which you often find in some ‘organic’ shampoos).
What does a Brazilian Blow Dry actually do ?
Basically, a Brazilian Blow Dry produces smoother hair. So, if you want a gentler way to calm your curls or fight off frizz, then a Brazilian blow dry could be for you!
Brazilian blow dry is a method of temporarily sealing liquid keratin into the hair with hair irons / heated hair straighteners.
The benefits of Brazilian blow dry
(or keratin treatment) are:
Brazilian blow dry can smooth
Brazilian blow dry can soften
Brazilian blow dry is instantly manageable
Brazilian blow dry can shine
After the treatment, your hair very slowly returns to its natural condition over many weeks. The good news is: it is safe to repeat the treatment after about six weeks to maintain smooth, silky hair, should you wish.
How long does Brazilian Blow Dry take ?

One and a half hours, or it might take as long as three hours. It all depends on the length and texture of your hair.
What about bleached and blonde highlighted hair ?
Our product is especially manufactured for dark blonde to black hair and is not for use on light blonde hair, where discolouration may occur because Keratin’s natural colour may cause a yellow-brown cast on blonde hair.

Will a Brazilian Blow Dry damage my hair ?
Our Brazilian Blow Dry does not damage your hair — it can actually enhance your hair. This is because keratin (which is a natural protein already in the hair shaft) is vital in helping to smooth out curls and frizz.
Keratin fills gaps between the cuticle and the inner hair shaft and is sealed with a heated straightening iron. This treatment can smooth out curls. The keratin also gently bonds with your hair and helps to restore any damage that may have happened due to harm or environmental stresses. The results can be dramatic — and can last up to four months!

We suggest you follow our three Brazilian Blow Dry 72-hour rules
You really have to take special care of your new hair — especially for the first 72 hours after it has been treated. You are the only person who can look after it properly — but don’t worry, it’s only for for 72 hours after treatment.
1 — We recommend that you occasionally run heated hair straighteners through your hair for for 72 hours to help fix the keratin into your hair.
2 — No getting your hair wet! during the 72 hours after your treatment has been done, and should be avoided completely! should you get your hair wet ……the best thing to do is to blow dry your hair immediately and use ceramic straighteners to seal the keratin into your hair.
3 — Avoid hair products for 72 hours after treatment, avoid all chemicals for just 72 hours after treatment.
4 — Do not wear clips in your hair, tying your hair in a ponytail, plaiting or braiding your hair, twisting it, or using ties in your hair for the first 72 hours
After these 72 hours, when you shampoo your hair use a sodium chloride free product. Sodium chloride (better known as common salt) is the only ingredient you must avoid in order to prolong the benefits of the keratin treatment because salt dries out and weakens the keratin links in your hair. Sulphates are OK in the shampoo — but make sure you avoid shampoos with ‘Dead Sea Salt’ (which is still sodium chloride). Anything else with sodium in it is fine, so long as it is not sodium chloride (SALT).
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Ingredients: Aqua, Cetearyl Alcohol, Hydrolyzed keratin, Steartri-monium Chloride, Parfum, Cyclomethicone, Formaldehyde, Hydroxy-ethylcellulose, Vitamin B5, Glyoxal, C.I.16035
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