Short just the top£60
Short all over perm£70
Mid length£80
Shoulder length£90
Over the shoulders£100
After perm hair cut£15
Perm for men prices
Perms for men
Softer gents perm

jack’s perm and haircut. jack (above) looks really happy with his new style!

above — josh came to denny hairdressing salon, just off deansgate — in the city centre. josh’s brief on his first visit was to have loose unkempt curls. think we nailed it, don’t you?
gent’s perm at denny hairdressing just £60 — now that’s a terrific price for a great new style!

above — kamaran came into denny’s salon wanting to have his hair permed. his hair was short but salon stylist linda still managed get the roller in! and just an a hour and a half hour later, the job was done!
if you are sick of your flat straight hair come into manchester salon and get the curl, because male partial perming at denny’s is only £60!.

jhovan (above), a very popular manchester fashion model — and nephew of our top stylist sherell — came to denny hairdressing for a gent’s perm because he had heard so many great things about them and wanted to give it a go!
jhovan was really happy with the outcome of his hair

like your hair permed, call us and book you appointment now on 0161 834 3123, many of our male clients ask us, ‘how long does my hair have to be to have it permed?’ and we at denny hairdressing say, ‘as long as you can wrap your hair round a pencil’, because in order to create a ‘curl’, your hair needs to be long enough to wrap around at least three times. so go on and have cool bendy hair! you stylish men don’t have to have straight hair any more!!!

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