Cap highlights for men – natural Looking to bold with cut and blow dry
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A cap highlight allows your colourist to watch the colour as it lifts your hair. Caps highlights also allow you to apply colour through the entire length of your hair, using the same strength developer, in one application.
Cap Highlights are strands of lighter colours or lowlights darker colours in your hair.
Only one colour can be used – Not suitable for thick curly hair as your hair may tangle while pulling through cap.
The cap method of applying highlights involves the use of a special perforated highlighting cap that is placed over your head. Strands of hair are pulled through the perforations with the use of a hook implement. The amount of hair chosen to be pulled through each hole will determine the thickness highlighting. For a subtle look, fewer strands should be pulled through. For a stronger, more dramatic effect, more hair may be pulled through more openings . Hair lightener – lowlightes colour is then applied.
Whether choosing to blend grey, perk up your natural colour or try a new look, highlights can add glamour, creating the illusion of texture by alternating dark tones with light. Psychologically, we associate lighter colours with youth, so adding light highlights to fuller looking hair can contribute to a younger, more vital appearance.

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